Skin Care

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A facial goes beyond pampering oneself. It slows down the ageing process and nourishes the skin from within. It reduces fine lines, age spots and relieves dehydrated skin. Professional facial session improves the blood circulation leading to a healthy glow on the skin. With the use of exfoliation, massage and absorption of nutrients and antioxidants, facials also fight to reverse aging.
At Tangles, our professional skin care experts consult you for your particular skin type and conditions. They ensure that after a thorough consultation, you are prescribed a routine that not only includes a facial best suited to your skin type but also recommend a home care regime, that, if followed can subsequently maintain your skin health for a long time.



Face Cleanup

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Face Bleach / De-tanning

At Tangles, we use mild Face Bleach or de-tanning that doesn’t end up drying the skin. Our bleach techniques ensure that maximum moisture levels are retained in the skin. The bleaching effects are effective yet gentle on the skin leaving a brighter, fresher and healthier looking skin.



Peel of Mask

It is part of our instant skin treatment services that require rejuvenation, instant glow, firmness and hydration. Such treatments benefit most when you’re unable to step out for a lengthy facial session but need a clean skin and a nice glow. Peel-off masks are meant for those urgent events to create the flawless glow on your skin.


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