Body Care

A tiring day at work, a stressful day running errands or hectic schedules tend to exhaust our body and mind at the same time. Our bodies need nourishment, care and attention to relax them. At Tangles, our body care professionals understand your busy timetables and therefore ensure that the body massages destress and rejuvenate completely and preps you up for yet another day. Our array of body services gets the perfect smoothness for your skin with body polishing treatments. Reach out to us on special occasions such as weddings and parties to create a flawless look. In fact, we recommend you visit us if you just returned from a beach vacation and need to do away with the tanned look. Our body bleach treatment will refresh and nourish you from within.

Threading & Waxing

The expert team at Tangles take utmost care during eyebrow threading and body waxing sessions to relax you and provide a nourishing and less painful experience. These sessions give you a silky and smooth effect keeping in mind your facial features and skin sensitivity.


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Men’s Waxing

At Tangles, our professional skin care experts offer waxing services for men. You can trust our specialised team who are trained to carry out these services. Remember, a professional waxing session is better than shaving or trimming on your own!


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Manicure & Pedicure

A manicure at Tangles de-stresses your nerves and leaves your hands soft and supple. Our manicure and pedicure range offers basic services to high-end paraffin wax and crystal manicures and pedicures. Essential oils are key ingredients of our entire manicure and pedicure service range that works wonders on the skin. Our beauty care experts will work on your hands and feet to enliven them by intensely releasing stress from the body. We promise to leave you with the softest pair of hands and beautiful feet that will smell great at the same time.
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Body Massage

A full body professional massage session relieves the pain and rigidity in the body. It involves gentle pressing and stretching of the muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments. A body massage has multiple benefits that heals both physically and psychologically. After a hectic week, a soothing massage is all that you need to prep you up for another busy week.

Our extremely professional team of skilled masseurs will help you relax your body and rejuvenate you completely.


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